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FikarFree is the most trusted and reliable platform utilizing the modern technological techniques to mitigate your risk by performing comprehensive screenings.



Fikarfree can assist you with new or duplicate official documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Unmarried Certificate, Police Character Certificate, Divorce Certificate, and Duplicate Nikkah Nama etc. from all over Pakistan.


Starting from the issuance of certificates to their attestation and verification, Fikarfree covers the whole spectrum of certificate related services regardless of the type of certificate.

Address Verification

Having partners and offices all around the globe, Fikarfree is able to provide complete address verification services locally as well as internationally.

CV Check

Get ahead of others in the job market by getting your CV checked. The CV check promotes the integrity and honesty of an individual hence saves time and money of the employer by mitigating the risk of bad hire and thus give your application preference over others.

Attestation Services

We provide all types of attestation services including attestation from consulates, ministries, HEC, embassy and so on. Whether you want your attestations for local or foreign job, as a requirement of your educational institute or any certificate attestation for some other purpose; we will meet your expectations professionally.


We conduct professional reference check for the credibility, professional conduct and good standing of an individual. Moreover in-depth behavioral reference checks are undertaken with past managers to whom a candidate reported, providing professional impartial references and a valuable perspective of an individual’s past performance and behaviors.

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About Us

Fikarfree is a brand of BackgroundCheck Private Limited (formerly DataFlow Pakistan Pvt. Ltd), the largest and prestigious Primary Source Verification provider in Pakistan operating since 2007.

Fikarfree is devoted to providing screening, verification and documentation services to the local businesses and individuals of Pakistan. Our broad range of services covers screening and verification of individuals which not only mitigates the risk of hiring professionals but also the domestic staff. Furthermore our services cover attestations and documents verification services for you to fulfill your job requirements without any hassle.

Our Products

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  • Address Verification

    Address Verification

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    Fikarfree performs address confirmation checks just in Pakistan. We find and affirm physical locations by going at that place, follow up with the neighbours or inhabitants to get the data about that specific individual under screening. Every one of the subtle elements are cross-checked with points of interest accessible on the online phone registries and other open database.

  • Professional License Verification

    Professional License Verification

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    With the increment in fake specialists, engineers and other alleged authorized experts in all profession, it is exceptionally important to confirm and cross-check whether the professional license is valid or not before rendering their services or consultancy to guarantee the wellbeing of your friends and family and to evade any money related misfortunes.

    Professional License Verification not simply allows you to guarantee the realness of the professional license and checks its present validity status for example, medical license, engineering license, nursing license and other professions where a valid license is required to get into practice.

  • Behavioral Reference Check

    Behavioral Reference Check

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    Are you wanting to get hitched or getting somebody wedded, wanting to enlist a driver or household aide, Getting into an association with somebody or employing an advisor for his/her administrations then you ought to need to confirm the accompanying about the reported individual:
    • How he/she carry on with diverse people
    • Is he/she included in any sort of liquor or medication misuse
    • What is their profound quality level
    • How he/she treats other individuals
    Inside and out behavioral reference checks are attempted with past supervisors, neighbors, companions and relatives to whom a hopeful meets or covered everyday schedule, giving proficient fair-minded references and an important viewpoint of a person’s past execution and practices.

  • Professional Membership Check

    Professional Membership Check

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    As the number of cheats and frauds connected with fake degrees and professional enrolments is expanding in Pakistan on everyday schedule, it is exceedingly likely that people may lie about their expert degrees while attempting to a job, position or getting hitched. There have been numerous cases that people job, position or getting hitched demonstrating fake enrolments or degrees which is because of such unlawful or untrustworthy activities numerous association and families suffered a high level of misfortunes both emotionally and financially.
    To avoid such a strategic incidents Professional Membership Check give people an approach to check the status a competitor cases to have and figure out if the enrolment is valid or out dated , the participation dates and graduation dates where pertinent. These checks are led with the proper expert body to guarantee that the accreditations provided by the candidate are both exact and current.

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