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Yes we can delivered the documents to the applicant’s doorstep on his/her request.

Yes we can provide the sealed envelope from HEC on request of applicant and there are no additional charges for these services

No,HEC does not attest laminated degrees , documents are required to be delaminated before they can be attested by HEC.

No, HEC doesnt not attestMatric and Intermediate Certificates. They are attested by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).

EACH Original Docs800/-
Each Photocopy500/-

Following are the documents required to do a HEC attestation: Original certificates/degrees from Matric onwards along with transcripts/DMCs of degrees & a Copy of Computerized Identity Card.

  • According to research More than 60% of CVs submitted by job applicants contain lies or inaccuracies. These range from gaps in employment history to false claims regarding qualifications.
  • Sometimes it happen because of the previous employer who didn’t update your employment tenure, post and salary accordingly

Fikarfree CV cleanup helps you to cross verify your application before the submission to any employer or in case you are opting for any immigration. Misrepresentation in CV leads to rejection/immediate dismissal or you can be guilty of misconduct for the initial misrepresentation according to the Law.

Yes, you do need to inform the person whom you are going to check, before you initiate the check through us.