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  • Global Risk and Compliance Check

    Global Risk and Compliance Check

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    With raising global laws and regulatory activity, it has become extremely important to find and handle regulatory risks related to various people and organizations. To make sure the individual obeys the global terms and conditions of carrying out particular operation to reduce the danger related to them. Just imagine you are appointing a lawyer to take care of your legal matters in a few other country other than Pakistan, it is necessary for you to know if he/she obeys the global standards of practicing law. In other cases if you are engaged and getting married with somebody who resides in another country and is working in certain company, you have to learn whether he/she obeys the terms and conditions or the organization he/she works well with is following the rules of operating that are practiced internationally so that it will be possible for you to reduce the risk. Global Risk and Compliance Database Check includes millions of histories from all leading compliance agencies, law enforcement and global regulatory, to discover and reduce the risk related to the subject.

  • Local Adverse Media Criminal, Courts and Public notices Data Check

    Local Adverse Media: Criminal, Courts and Public notices Data Check

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    While contracting somebody for household help or a driver, individuals more often ignore the basic data or unfavorable circulation via media which identifies with criminal, courts and open notification in the media and that individual goes ahead to give you an awful name or may be a danger to your friends and family. One can likewise run a strict run of local hostile media coverage to keep an eye on him/her while applying for occupations in distinctive associations and they may have preference over different candidates and it can equally saves the cash of the employer to make him/her the ideal decision.

    In different occurrences when people are willing to get their precious kids wedded and decided for a man for them who appear to have a pleasant history and belongs to a decent family, however may be included in diverse criminal exercises that are specified in distinctive media reports identified with criminal, courts and open notification in the media, furthermore has different publicized articles on him/her in the media, yet can be disregarded by the guardian because of the absence of data.

    So the people tend to settle on choices subsequent to examining their sentiments with their relatives and accepting on the data they get from diverse sources which are problematic more often and wind up experiencing fizzle relational unions and fervent bad luck. Remembering these samples Local Adverse Media check (Criminal, Courts and Public notification) screens a restrictive database contains a great many criminal, prosecution and open notification records being gathered by normal discerning of 50+ printed media sources distributed crosswise over Pakistan for over 20 years.

  • Local Regulatory and Compliance Check

    Local Regulatory and Compliance Check

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    This verification screens a big local databases of regulatory actions and sanctions in Pakistan against hundreds and thousands of organizations and people.