• Argentina Export Document

    Argentina Export Document

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    Would you like to export different things to Argentina? If that’s a yes, all you need is to have Argentina export document to send goods to Argentina. Individuals in Pakistan more often they don’t how to export different items to Argentina and what particulars are required to do shipping to Argentina. FikarFree offers its services of providing Pakistani people with Argentina fare report so they can trade distinctive things to Argentina with no bother and issues at a negligible expense.

  • Domicile or PRC issuance

    Domicile or PRC issuance

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    Domicile and PRC documents have an utter significance in our society and they are considered as crucial documents in Pakistan. Whenever an individual is willing to have an admission in a university or looking to have a job in a government organization, a PRC and domicile certificate is crucial. These documents must be issued to an individual so that he can pass all the processes but in Pakistan the issuance processes in quite slow. Individuals become frustrated when they try to get these documents issued. But now, FikarFree is here to help you in attaining these documents. Fikarfree can assist you in getting these documents at the ease of your home.

    As we know in Pakistan one has to wait for days to get their documents issued from the government authorities due to the lack of system, FikarFree provides a solution. With the help of FikarFree people can acquire these documents in time with ease by sitting at home.

  • Driver  Domestic Helper Verification

    Driver / Domestic Helper Verification

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    Drivers have turned into a fundamental need of most families as individuals nowadays have occupied work routines but on the other hand are worried about their family driving necessities. Beforehand so as to locate a suitable driver for oneself, people use to opt for the out-dated practices that included: asking for a dependable or trust commendable driver from their companions, family, relatives, associates, and neighbors yet trusting someone blindly on someone is not a good idea.

    While study research shows that 85% individuals become victims of theft and robbery because of their maids and drivers, so as to ensure yourself and your friends and family, FikarFree gives you the accompanying record verifications of on the individual you are wanting to contract as driver so that the safety and security of your loved ones ,your friends and family is guaranteed.

    1. Identity Verification
    2. Address Verification
    3. Police Records Verification (optional)
    4. Local Adverse Media: Criminal, Courts and Public notices data Check
    5. Behavioral Reference Check
    6. Driving License (For Drivers)

  • Driving License Verification

    Driving License Verification

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    The regular practice in Pakistan to contract drivers is we ask our relatives, companions or friends to search for drivers who are dependable and good drivers however we can’t generally relay on the judgments of our relatives to give us the best drivers. As drivers have become a very important for many our households to conduct different activities like picking and dropping kids at schools, picking up families from different occasions or providing other transport activities, so it is exceptionally important to discover that the driver you employed is a decent driver and has a valid, updated and original driving license that him to drive diverse vehicles.

    This check incorporates all records of the status of driver permit including permit classes, limitations and any supports. This is an indispensable inquiry if the subject is to be driving a family, organization or rented vehicle.

  • Passport Protector

    Passport Protector

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    Are you going to start a job in abroad or an outside nation? If that’s a yes, would you say you are mindful that you require a visa defender before leaving the region? Various people who are about to leave Pakistan to start working on a job abroad don’t have a clue about that they can’t leave the country without a defender stamp by Protectorate of Emigrant office on their travel permit. FikarFree gives services of getting a defender stamp on your visa with no bother so you can achieve your destination and begin working there without any issues. Essentials of getting protecter stamp on your international ID or passport are as per the following:

    • original Passport
    • Offer Letter/Contract
    • Photocopy of VISA
    • Your Picture
    • Xerox of your siblings, child or spouse ID card (For insurance)
    • NICOP card or its receipt
    • medical report (stamped by GAMCA)

  • Police Clearance Certificate or Police Character Certificate

    Police Clearance Certificate or Police Character Certificate

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    Pakistanis who lives in abroad need a Character Certificate from Pakistan for the Job and immigration reasons. Police Clearance or Character Certificate Pakistan is gotten from the District or City Police Commissioner office or from Town Police Officer where the candidate was residing in Pakistan by submitting a form alongside supporting particulars. These reports guarantee the people that they have no criminal records against them and they are of a fine character.

    FikarFree ensures you with all the support, facilitation and assistance to deliver police clearance and character certificate at your doorstep verifying that you don’t have a criminal record against your name.

  • Police Records Verification

    Police Records Verification

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    The law and order rules of Pakistan makes it exceptionally essential for each person to do a police confirmation check before participating in any sort of parnership with them to guarantee the monetary, passionate, financial, emotional and social security of their loved ones, friends and family or business.
    A man who is being confirmed may have been included in various household debate where police investigations got to be important. Although no criminal activity may have occurred yet criminal records are kept up for such incidents. So whoever who is employing a local assistant or driver, getting hitched or getting somebody wedded, employing somebody for different services or work ought to do a police record check to avoid any sort of misfortunes in future.
    Police Record Verification Check and look for the vicinity of any criminal records/FIR enrolled against the subject in the neighbourhood police station of the gave private address and checks for the if there is any criminal record against him/her.

  • Practitioner Registration Check

    Practitioner Registration Check

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    Living in Pakistan, it is hard for individuals to trust people who are specializing in legal matters or drug, offering medications or distinctive items or service and offering consultancy, nursing or other support of individual people or associations. Because of the face we don’t have a clue about the individual or his/her certifications are genuine, factual, individuals and organizations wind up bearing both social and financial misfortunes.
    Expert Registration check affirms whether an enrolment is present and can be led on a medical specialist, pharmacist, drug specialist, osteopath, psychologist, clinician, dental Practitioner, physiotherapist, podiatrist, chiropractor, optometrist, medical attendant, nurse or midwife to guarantee the security and safety of you loved ones,friends and family. This check will likewise affirm that the hopefuls have not been de-enlisted and are suitable to rehearse in their significant field of drug.

  • Professional License Verification

    Professional License Verification

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    With the increment in fake specialists, engineers and other alleged authorized experts in all profession, it is exceptionally important to confirm and cross-check whether the professional license is valid or not before rendering their services or consultancy to guarantee the wellbeing of your friends and family and to evade any money related misfortunes.

    Professional License Verification not simply allows you to guarantee the realness of the professional license and checks its present validity status for example, medical license, engineering license, nursing license and other professions where a valid license is required to get into practice.

  • Professional Membership Check

    Professional Membership Check

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    As the number of cheats and frauds connected with fake degrees and professional enrolments is expanding in Pakistan on everyday schedule, it is exceedingly likely that people may lie about their expert degrees while attempting to a job, position or getting hitched. There have been numerous cases that people job, position or getting hitched demonstrating fake enrolments or degrees which is because of such unlawful or untrustworthy activities numerous association and families suffered a high level of misfortunes both emotionally and financially.
    To avoid such a strategic incidents Professional Membership Check give people an approach to check the status a competitor cases to have and figure out if the enrolment is valid or out dated , the participation dates and graduation dates where pertinent. These checks are led with the proper expert body to guarantee that the accreditations provided by the candidate are both exact and current.

  • Translation and Notarization of documents

    Translation and Notarization of documents

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    Applying for a visa or movement, applying for a job abroad or giving services abroad, importing and sending out merchandise to and from abroad all require interpretation of diverse reports as per the prerequisite. Applying visa for your life partner and child likewise requires translation of marriage declaration or birth certificates for the issuance of visa. FikarFree give help with translation of different records in different required language without any hassle and problems at your doorstep.