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  • Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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    Are you a Pakistani National and willing to move abroad? Then, you must be asked to get your documents verified and attested by authorities to get your visa clearance or maybe different foreign employer have obliged you to provide them the authenticated documents. We have a solution for our country mates. We truly understand how annoying it can be to stand in a long queue at The Ministry of foreign affairs department just to get your documents attested and authenticated. Don’t bother yourself, has a simple solution to get your documents attested and validated such as Nikah Nama, Birth Certificate, death certificates, domiciles, B-forms and many other documents that are obligatory to be attested by MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs).

    Documents verified by MOFA
    • B. Form(Urdu)
    • Nikah Nama (Urdu)
    • Character Certificate
    • Medical Certificate
    • Death Certificates(Urdu)
    • Divorce Certificate(Urdu)
    • Power of Attorney from Abroad to a person in Pakistan
    • Unmarried Certificate Affidavit, Union Council Certificate
    • Driving License
    • Secondary School Certificate
    • Documents relating to commerce/trade
    • School Leaving Certificate (Urdu)
    • Higher Secondary School Certificate
    • Diploma of One year duration and short courses
    • Bachelors and Masters Degree
    • Degrees/Diploma Certificates relating to Medical professionals PMDC Reg., etc. Experience Certificates
    • Diploma of Paramedical professionals, Nursing Diplomas etc. (Experience Certificates)
    • Succession and Guardianship Certificate
    • Special Power of Attorney from Pakistan to person Abroad
    • Birth Certificates(Urdu)
    • ID card Cancellation Form (Urdu)