Attestation from Saudi Culture

Attestation from Saudi Culture:
Are you planning to immigrate to Saudi Arabia to look for a job or you are planning to be get some kind of training there. You might be required to get your reputable documents and degrees attested from Saudi embassy in Pakistan for the sake of this purpose, here FIKARFREE presents you the attestation of distinctive documents and degrees from Saudi culture place of business in Islamabad. FIKARFREE also presents convenience to Pakistanis in getting their files and degrees attested without any bother. Following are the nuts and bolts of getting your documents and degrees attested from Saudi tradition administrative center.
Must haves:
1. 2 color duplication of Passport 1st page (Attested and Stamped by Employer Company)
2. 2 color replica of legitimate AQAMA (Attested and Stamped by the employer)
It is to state that it is no longer required if you will Saudi Arabia for the first time.
3. 2 color copy of CNIC (Attested and Stamped with the aid of agency)
4. Business Reference Letters are required within the name of Saudi tradition and Saudi Mission (attested by Chamber of Commerce and international administrative center in Saudi Arabia).
5. Customary Job Contract Letter and contract Letter required attested from Saudi Chamber and foreign workplace
6. Passport copy with a CNIC duplication and AQAMA duplication
7. Original Degree and Diploma attested via overseas place of job and HEC Pakistan which is known as HEC attestation will have to be on-line)

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