Domicile or PRC issuance

Domicile and PRC documents have an utter significance in our society and they are considered as crucial documents in Pakistan. Whenever an individual is willing to have an admission in a university or looking to have a job in a government organization, a PRC and domicile certificate is crucial. These documents must be issued to an individual so that he can pass all the processes but in Pakistan the issuance processes in quite slow. Individuals become frustrated when they try to get these documents issued. But now, FikarFree is here to help you in attaining these documents. Fikarfree can assist you in getting these documents at the ease of your home.

As we know in Pakistan one has to wait for days to get their documents issued from the government authorities due to the lack of system, FikarFree provides a solution. With the help of FikarFree people can acquire these documents in time with ease by sitting at home.

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