Marriage Partner Verification

Marriage Partner Verification

The world’s most precious and pure relation between a Man and a Woman. Though, our society has

emerged vibrantly and boosted their standard of living as well as their lifestyles yet there are a few

people with immoral mentalities who basically offend the beautiful relation of a marriage with their

criminal activities.

For example, people try to conceal their dual or failed marriages and sometimes they mask or fabricate

the most critical information while presenting their marriage proposals. Here are a few main crucial

informations that must be investigated before tying a knot:

Criminal History

Medical Conditions

Drugs/Alcohol addict

These aspects are scrutinized to foresee that the future spouse whether he/she is in Pakistan or abroad

or even from the same city has a clean background or there are any records that can pose a threat on

your future. As marital fraudulent activities are inclined nowadays, don’t risk the lives of your beloved

son or daughter with a person whose past is something you aren’t familiar with. Tying a knot of your

beloved ones with a person who has a criminal mind can pose a serious threat to the life of the spouse

as well as on your life. Plus, a fraudulent relationship can incur serious losses to you like financial and

emotional losses. So, just don’t indulge in any catastrophe and investigate the background of the

marriage partner by

Marriage Partner Verification will assist the families and individuals to take the right decision about

their life. Fikarfree will run an extensive and thorough background check in just a minimal fee. So, what

are you waiting for? Just click the button and receive the background report of the person you are

getting married to. The complete background check involves:

1) Address Verification (past and current both)

2) Identity Verification

3) Education Verification (If available)

4) CV Check (To find red flags when verifying the professional details and checking the personal

conduct information from past employers)

5) Personal and Professional Reference Check

6) Global Risk and Compliance Check

7) Behavioral Reference Check

8) International Adverse Media Check

9) Social Media Profiling

10) Local Adverse Media: Criminal, Courts and Public notices data Check

11) Police Records Verification (Optional)

12) Local Adverse Media: Bankruptcy and Defaulter Data Check

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