Passport Protector

Are you going to start a job in abroad or an outside nation? If that’s a yes, would you say you are mindful that you require a visa defender before leaving the region? Various people who are about to leave Pakistan to start working on a job abroad don’t have a clue about that they can’t leave the country without a defender stamp by Protectorate of Emigrant office on their travel permit. FikarFree gives services of getting a defender stamp on your visa with no bother so you can achieve your destination and begin working there without any issues. Essentials of getting protecter stamp on your international ID or passport are as per the following:

• original Passport
• Offer Letter/Contract
• Photocopy of VISA
• Your Picture
• Xerox of your siblings, child or spouse ID card (For insurance)
• NICOP card or its receipt
• medical report (stamped by GAMCA)

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