Self Verification Certification

Self Verification Certification

Find out what organizations search for when they execute your background screening!
Potential employers and immigration officers mostly conduct background verification on visa applying candidates and employees. Before they proceed with any other recruitment procedure or visa issuance system, they tend to cross-check the information provided by the individual. Ranging from education credentials verification to criminal record check, they examine each and every aspect of an individual’s past and present.

If, any person is applying for an immigration visa or employment, that person must be a bit preventive and use a proactive approach to get self-checked and verified so that he can realize what organizations will get when they will conduct the scrutiny.

There is a great solution to identify the errors in your records and that is IMVerified Certification. It also encourages an individual to be more confident inform of the employers being self-verified.

Following main aspects are included in IMVerified:

• Keeps you top of the heap among other applicants. Several people doesn’t tend to get them self-verified before applying for a job, though it saves a lot of cost and time of the employers when they run a background test on you. So, it’s a better approach to get your records checked for them to give a positive impression.
• Showcase yourself as a credible candidate to potential employers as you have authenticated your data on your Curriculum Vitae via verification to validate your experience and education etc.
• Manage your professional records. You must identify where you stand and if any improvements are required in your records.

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