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We have been in this field providing verification and screening services to local business and individuals in Pakistan since 2007 with 100 percent satisfaction rate, we have been verifying thousands of applicant and hundreds of red flags have been identified which have save reputation of many client without any hassle.


Our Features

Attestation Services

Fikarfree offers complete range of attestation services with fastest turnaround time. The safety and privacy of the documents is taken into special consideration throughout the process. We cover all types of attestations from consulates, ministries, HEC, embassy etc. as per your requirement.


Starting from the issuance of certificates to their attestation and verification, Fikarfree covers the whole spectrum of certificate related services regardless of the type of certificate.

Address Verification

Addresses can be faked easily fact being the absence of check and balance. Fikarfree is equipped with a global team all across the world to validate the addresses by conducting personal visits. Whether you want to check on some individual or any organization, we can ascertain if the address provided is actually correct or not.

CV Check

It has now become crucial for employers to verify the credentials of a candidate before inducting him. By getting your CV vetted by Fikarfree you can gain advantage over other candidates as this will not only save the time of recruiters but will also the cost of a bad hire.


We provide complete document handling and management solutions to assist you meeting the timelines of your situation. Whether you are in Pakistan or residing outside the country, our online system eradicates all the hassles of acquiring the required document.


Personal and professional reference check has been the norm of industry for the hiring process, however only a few are able to fulfill the objective. Fikarfree is equipped with a team of professionals to conduct reference checks and extracts fruitful information which helps to evaluate the behavior and professional aptitude of a person.

Adverse Media

No one has access even the past year’s media postings. However Fikarfree can extract the information from the media records of past 20 years of any in order to check if something adverse has been mentioned about him in any context. The search constitutes of internet and local plus global newspapers and media sources to detect if any adverse publicity is associated with the subject.

Domestic Staff

It has become a need of time to evaluate the person whom you are hiring for the job or getting associated with. The risk of frauds, thefts and similar hazardous activities is rising day by day; with regards to this Fikarfree provides complete verification in which the identity, address, police record, local adverse media, behavioral reference and licenses are checked and verified.

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